Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yarn and stash space

I took the plunge. LOL I ordered ..... 50lbs of wool from Briggs & Little. Yes, I am crazy. :D Any doubts? And OK, it was really 52lbs, but who was really counting? 210 skeins. For socks and mittens and all that good stuff!!! I know. I could have purchased little bits in the store, but then, I am confined to the shop's color selection unless, one places a special order... well.... I placed my own special order. Now, I have a task of, wondering where in hell I am going to put it!! LOL My room, Looks like hell. Yes I said HELL!! madness. hey wait. Maybe I am just brave enough to show you? hmmm... then again maybe not. LOL It has been the drop and run victim lately. I mean, drop and run in the worst way!! LOL Now I think I have to show you....

Above the mess on entrance, Below the mess on the table!!

The mess in front of the storage drawers!

The Pile of Gifts to be made, well, and projects. Not all gift sewing, some is for me but at the rate I am getting it done, it just might be a gift to me by the time I get to remembering what I am making... other than the mess..... !!!
Now, does it really look like I need any more? ROTFLMAO

Dad will be happy I will have wool for his socks for a long time. I may even have enough to sneak in socks for someone else too.... Maybe.... even me!!!

Now on the mess of a table is some stuff I intend to free-cycle... if I am ever home long enough. *shrugs* I guess we shall see... there is also a phone for my sis and a couple other things. I also have some alterations to do... a jacket and vest on the end of the table in the shopping bags. will go really quick once I find the table and get working on them. The bags at the door are cloths for a friend, I really need to drop them off T! LOL

I am excited about the wool though...

So back to work tomorrow... We are off and running in the morning with a few stops... then off to put up them 30 some bins!

Talk to you later,

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