Friday, June 08, 2007

Rambling on and on and on and on again!!

Oi, I know I just bombarded you with a tonne of pictures! And didn't give you much to read. "Shame on me!" But really, I just felt like pictures, so, I hope you can forgive that! Plus it was late and James was wanting me, to go to bed.... LOL at a descent hour so we could get up and get things done... LOL. I still got up and got moving... *shrugs* It's all good. Anyways.

I headed home from Tugaske, through Moose Jaw and Regina. Yes the long way around but, I had a bag of cloths to pick up in Moose Jaw from my sis that is going to a friend out here. Then I had stuff to run around and do in Regina. I stayed overnight, and ran like crazy. Then came home. I got home at hmmmmm....... 11:30pm ish. Kinda late to be on those lovely highways(more later). But, that's how it was. James wasn't home yet. So, I called him. Usually he is home if I am coming home late... He was with his Brother and a friend which, is good for him. I got to unpack the car and sort out some odds and ends... LOL I should have taken pictures of the house!!! You know when you move to a hotel for 2 months... you have a lot of stuff there, and there was a lot of stuff in the kitchen on the floor!! So, off to bed at 2 ish when James got home. The phone rang at 6 am. We had things to do so got up at 8. Home late. Off to Yorkton, yesterday. Had shopping to do(we got new cell phone's, I changed my cell # so any of you out there with the old one, it's obsolete). Got it done. Got home and in bed... b4 midnight I thinks.... not bad. Up 8 ish this morning. James is out to the farm to help dad finish up with the seeding. Good stuff!!! Glad we got some nice weather. It's not overly warm, but at least today the sun is saying hello.

So, about the Highways. I know, I bitch a lot about them. But they are very bad!!! I think we should change our Saskatchewan Symbol/Flower to the Red Diamond sign they put on the highway at a bump/hole/gravel pit. It would suit. I mean, coming home in the dark, hard to see to dodge the holes. Mind you the gravel pit I call it because had I hit the hole wrong I would have been high centered and stuck or rolled, because the gravel had been ridged up so bad from, other vehicles(be it trucks, tractors, other cars) that the ruts were deeper than my clearance. Crazy shtuff. Now I am done...... not really but, I am quiting that string right now!! LOL

I am working on a pair of blue socks. Very nice. Started the foot on #1. Then to do the mate... and move on to something else. Not sure what though. *shrugs* I should right now be doing my hair and then taking a walk uptown to the mailbox. Maybe trying to make some semblance of order in my room(yarn every where's, magazine's, gift bags......). It needs a tidy...

So, I guess I am off and running.

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