Saturday, March 10, 2012

Silly business...

 Gwyn was taking pics of mommy... funny thing, I think she got a good one! LOL I love it! 
But then, Gwyn was being silly too! What fun!

 Gwyn likes playing ball in the house.. LOL and Yes I shall admit it I think James and I do too!
I have made up 3 crochet hats! Was only supposed to be one or two but...uhmmm that hat just looked so darn cute on Gwyn I kept it for her and made 2 more! LOL
 The white one is actually quite summery and light. Soft and wonderful. I hope the recipient loves them!
 Gwyn loves doing crafts. She loves gluing and sticking and all that funny business.
She sure misses her daddy when he goes to the farm to work though!!!

 I was kinda growly today, so I had to talk miss G into going outside! I knew it would be good for both of us... And yes, I felt much better after fresh air... even if I was still a bit grouchy.

 We were outside from ooh 1pm to say... 4 something. Was great! The weather was beautiful!!

We built 2 snowmen. We walked uptown and around. We played in the snowbanks. We had a juice box. We jumped in puddles! Oh my! It was the best waste of an afternoon yet! LOL
(Gwyn was listening really well. Other than having to go pee, and Gwyn not wanting to go in to let me! It was great fun!)


Susan said...

I would not call that a waste of an afternoon at all! Those are the sort of afternoons you will remember when she is all grown up.

Mom said...

I agree with the first comment - time spent having fun with your children is never wasted. They grow up far to quickly and those fun times become cherished memories.