Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little behind on posting....

 Saturday we did some planting. We had great fun! And surprisingly did not get all that dirty! We did however accidentally spill a pot... but that just meant we had to refill and plant it again!

I made some Chicken soup! Yum!

 We went to Saskatoon on farm business! And got to stay in a hotel. Sadly no pool er anything but maybe next time!

 We ate out at Subway! NUMMY!
Gwyn found her sunglasses in the van!!!
 We had to water the plants when we got home!

And these hats are what I have been up to lately. I have a pair of socks on the needles but the more I knit.. the more I think I am going to run out of yarn!!! And yes... OH PEANUTS is right!!

I started a Facebook page, if you wanna take a peek. It's HERE.

And, about the wasted afternoon. Yes, I realize these things are precious and should be held onto. But the point was that it was a wonderful afternoon that accomplished nothing but time with each other, which is what made is the "best" waste.. because it wasn't really wasted at all.

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Fleur Cotton said...

Love your bear hats.... if you want to see another well dressed bear pop over to my blog and take a peek!

Fleur xx