Saturday, March 24, 2012


Child size Owlie hat! I love him!

This Owl hat is black and blue. I love him. He's beautiful! He is ocean blue, though was hoping for teal but.. eh. So, he is fabulous and he will be donated to the Gymnastics Finale bucket draw! I hope he gets a loving home. 
Now, onto inspired. I was reading another post, from Attic:24 another blog. And she showed her Before and After of her nightmare shelves! You can read about it by clicking on her blog name. Now, my house is a nightmare(do not look too closely at the pictures!) But, one of my biggest ahhhhh spots is the microwave. So, I dug in. I had already started when I took this before pic below... shame on me.. but I was sooo mad I had grabbed a bunch of stuff off and put it some where! LOL
Before ish
After.. ahhh
Like I said, don't look into the other room yet.. LOL that's the porch and a whole other ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! So, anyways. It's done. I put some of Gwyn's artwork on top of the microwave until I get a folder for it, or another waiting home. But I think I have made a giant leap. As I never seem to get anyting done.. LOL  Now.. go see her shelves!!! They might inspire you!!!

Oh, and I started these:
A May month bday pressie.. but we have a few of them in May in this family... LOL

Oh, and I forgot to tell you  my dumb ass moments.. LOL while cleaning off the microwave. I knocked over our little flashlight which then rolled back behind the micro and into the hole cut for the cords... Not so bad, deal with it later. But then, I am trying to put some whites in the dryer and I bump something on the shelf while pulling the lint screen out. Well.. the hammer falls onto the top of the dryer and the shoelaces down the lint trap hole. Now I need to get James to fish the laces out so I can dry the cloths. He wants the flashlight that.. fell behind the micro earlier and I didn't tell him about until I am so upset I want to laugh and cry all at the same time! Well, James being the crafty wonderful man that he is.. used the lamp that happened to be sitting on the freezer beside the dryer anyways... and took apart the dryer to get the laces out. Then we had some cleaning to do.. you would not have believed the sand and crap in the bottom of that trappy doodle. So, cleaned that today and got the dryer back together and the cloths dry before bed tonight... LOL But good grief.. who could that happen to? Honestly.. I told James I wasn't touching another damn thing yesterday.. and I didn't. I ran the dishwasher this morning.. haha

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