Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Always playing catch up...

 Haha, a few days ago.. Gwyn wanted to help with the dishes(more play in the bubbles but, whatever). So, I let her. She had great fun.
 Our plants are growing... this was a couple days ago as well... Now they are even taller!!!(my dates is wrong.... dog noggit, gonna have to fix that.

 Gwyn and Yeow giving some loving to each other... I swear he is a different cat on the adult food....

 We did some arts and crafts couple days ago.. not THAT long ago.. as the pieces still roam the living room.

 Sleepy Gwyn.
 Gwyn smiling goofy for the camera, but just being tickled to get to hold a new baby! (not ours, but a friend and neighbours)
 Gymnastics today. We got told no parents this class. So, I took some pics. Above Gwyn is walking backwards on the beam.
 Peekaboo - Chin ups

 On a crafty note. I just.. just.... just... finished these socks. Notice the small ball of yarn left over. I was glad to do them 2 at a time... and madder than that when I hit the heal my identical turned fraternal. Oh well. They are pretty and will be loved by the recipient. The hat below was done up for my sis, upon request of a pink hat! I think it turned out well. The purple one was just for fun and a child's size. I think it may go to the gymnastics silent auction.. we will see.

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