Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hair, biscuits and socks....

Gwyn, with her extensions! Are they not fun?
 Well, some of you I am sure are wondering what the flock we were thinking. Well, they are extensions. Colour that clips in. They are fun! Gwyn wanted Blue hair, was absolutely wonderful the whole time we were getting her hair cut and MINE! She was so good and sat so still while the extensions were put in.... and for the cost. Great fun! And really, if she were older.. it's only hair! It grows back. Now, lets hope when she is older I still can hold myself to that! She loves her blue! LOL It fell out the first night and I had to put it back... but has stayed since and looks good. So all good.
We made biscuits. Cheese biscuits. We ate a few while they were hot. Good thing, cuz our lovely cat ate into the package on the counter while we slept that night! We had fun mixing and cutting them out! Baked them up!

I have also been knittin'. Some like my sis would say like an ole granny. I know better. But still I enjoy it, and have fun poking fun... as I was knitting at these socks like an ole granny. 
But, I must say, they turned out beautifully. Now, only to wait until April to give them away!
Another pair will be on the needles in moments... LOL these ones.. more delicate though! LOL

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