Friday, January 27, 2012

Sorry.. been a bit.. been busy!

So, yes, we have been a little busy. We had Grandma and Auntie W. come for a visit. Grandpa was working out of town for a week! Gwyn got the bed that Grandpa made for her!! I can not tell you how fantabulous it is and how much I love it. I will try to get better pics of it but the room is so small it makes it a real challenge!!! Might just have to take pics of the whole room... OMG it's a mess!! but, will see what happens. After Grandma and Auntie were here we went to the city to return them as cousin R. was having a birthday!! So we returned our guests and went to a birthday party. Did some grocery shopping and came home. 

Grandma had hoped that while she was here the weather would be decent to play outside. It was not! Bloody cold it was! We went nowhere!! Grandma and Gwyn played a lot of playdoh. But grandma had brought along a shovel sled. So, when we got home the weather was much better so I gave her the shovel for grandma and outside we went! She had fun but liked to use the sled as a shovel more than the sled/toboggan. LOL I got some knitting done too! 

So, enjoy the pics.

Baby, skull cap. (made to match the daddy to be's, that I made him for Christmas)

My cousin's mittens. Made for the Pay it forward I did on Facebook
Baby booties. Made for my friends who are expecting a little boy in March! (same people as the skull cap)

I totally spend too much time in the van. These are what I have whipped up when I am a passenger or when I am visiting in the city. One has a definate home...the rest not so sure just yet.

Gwyn made a play doh birthday cake. Pretty good, no?

Smiley girl playing play doh

The start of a little Cashmere/acrylic sweater!

Grandma and Gwyn doing play doh!

Kitty catching a nap

The corner of the bed grandpa made.

Yeow Meow found a place to hide and nap.

Probably catching an episode of Kipper!

Play doh with Auntie, Grandma is on the camera side methinks.

Gwyn's photo taking.

Excited to open the present grandma left.

Pondering what she can do with it.


Climbing to slide down

Quick ride!

Scoop, scoop.

Here looks good.

Swing Swing! Higher Daddy Higher!!!

Gwyn's printing. I am the teal/green, Gwyn is the brown... LOL I think she did good with her A's. And if I didn't wonder better, I would wonder if she didn't know more than I thought. As 1st line looks like "had", second "BAHAA" and third like the A's they are supposed to be... hmmm.... makes ya wonder!
Anyways, that's it for this photo rich post! Hope you enjoy catching up!  :) TTYL

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