Sunday, January 15, 2012

FO's - Finished Objects..... not flying ones.. LOL

Well. Hmm. They look very green/teal here. and it looks like a giant lump of too much of one colour. But I assure you in person.. and on a person.. they will be absolutely lovely. And yes.. that person should be here in a couple hours! Yay! Maybe... if I ask super sweetly she will let me take a pic of her in them.. as I think they will be gorgeous on her!!! but that is it for now.. Shroom hat, Knitting at larges mittens and my own scarf(if there is such a thing). I just hope she likes them and wears them a tonne!!

On another front. Went for a playdate today. Darn was it nice to sit and visit and have tea with another Momma while the girls played and ran their hearts out!! Was wonderful company!! Miss G took a great pic of her friend...
And miss G was very tired.. we came home. Watched some Kipper. Ate some noodle. And then she grabbed my phone and was playing a game on it in the chair while I changed a load of laundry. When I came back. This is what I found!!!
She was done. Took her to bed. Changed her bottom, and she did not wake. I guess she will be super surprised tomorrow when aunti and grammy are here.. ROTFLMAO that is I suppose if she doesn't wake up when they come in!!! (she is in bed!! LOL)

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