Friday, February 03, 2012

Why hello there, see what I've been up to?

Socks for miss Gwyn

A pair of mittens for a Pay it forward!

A play date.
Ok, finished those socks this morning.. I mean like 11:50, so, just this morning! LOL They knit up nice. Look good. Feel good. Gwyn has yet to try them on. LOL She is busy bugging her daddy, All good.

Yesterday we had a play date. We did a craft. Played play doh. Played with the toys. Had coffee(milk with vanilla syrup, warmed up) Was great, both kids, out for a nap within 20 minutes of play end. LOL was great!

The Pay it forward mittens have been delivered! I have 2 of 8 done! Yay! This is very fun! I got to walk up to our little store and have a visit with a couple ladies and deliver the mittens! She liked them and they fit! I sure hope she wears the crap out of them! LOL Just because I love to see my knits in use!! 

I do hope Gwyn loves these socks I made and wears the crap out of them! I would love to cast on another pair for her.. but not until I see this pair on!!! So, I am at a standstill as to what to cast on next. But don't worry! I will find something I am sure!!

So, that is my excitement. Will keep you posted on anymore!
Talk to you soon!

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