Saturday, January 07, 2012

Posting in pictures.

Crazy kitty, caught him sleeping like this....yes he looks mid summersault.

G's kitchen explosion! (she pulls it all out as fsat as i put it in...

The Cowl I knit, I am now knitting a hat to go with.

G n her snowman.

The sand pile.

"go mom go that way"

Cardboard sledding



Princess eating apple LOL

Miss G made a birthday cake with candles out of play doh.

She also made some cloths for her horsie.

then I showed her how her big horse would make neat footprints.(stars, lines and so on.)

And there you have it....that, and cleaning... well sorting... well.. trying to de junk and organize! Wish me luck!!! I feel like I made some progress today though so YAY! hahahahaha

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Miss Em said...

Oh....I want some snow. We have yet to go sledding. I put Marla's kitchen in a room so I can shut the door and the mess. Ha!