Friday, April 01, 2011

Turtles and mud....

Well, my turtles are coming along nicely! I am sorry to say I think I grossly overestimated the yarn needed.. but only the finished product will tell for sure... as I am not done.. I can not say for sure.. though I have a sneaking suspicion... They are nice and bright and even pretty.. but don't tell the boys I said that!!!

Gwyn had fun playing in the mud today. I so wanted pics of her out playing, but the camera was inside.  And if you have ever taken a outdoor loving toddler inside from playing.... you know damn well you wouldn't unless it was time!!!

Would you believe I washed this coat... couple days ago?

Just a little muddy :)
She got stuck in the mud. I had told her to come toward me and play in those puddles.. but she ignored me and went for the one further away... So, she sunk down and got stuck. I kept telling her she was OK and to keep wiggling she could do it.. but at last I had to go save her.  She was starting to sound a little stressed so I figured I ought to save her. She played in the puddles a long time after that yet. She sat with her bunnies on the step for a couple minutes(my yard decor, that have been adopted by Gwyn). Then we came in for hot chocolate and a nappy... she was dog tired!!

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