Saturday, April 16, 2011

Catching up!

Ok, so, On the 8th I wandered over to Wynyard to see a good friend. Gwyn got to meet some sheep and Llama. She got to feed a lamb. We saw a chicken and a rooster. We saw a couple geese. A few doggies. Gwyn had a big day and was wonderful. Busy, as usual, but good. We had a good visit :)

 Then Saturday we did some playing around home.. Gwyn loves piddling around in the puddles! She tromps about in the water, picks stones.. has fun!

 I even got the bubbles out for her to blow some! She love loved blowing bubbles. I finally had to take them away as it was pretty chilly out and I thought we should head in... she wasn't happy about that.. But she certainly had fun while it lasted!!!  The funniest part being she leans down when she is blowing a bubble.. the bigger the bubble the closer to the ground she leans.. LOL very cute!

 On Sunday we had her Gymnastics Season Finale! End of the winter session. Gwyn enjoyed! I have registered her for spring, just because it is a wonderful activity and she gets to spend some time with other kids! She got a certificate for her class.. showed us all the things she learned in her classes.... Was nice.

Grandma and Grandpa came out for the finale! I think they enjoyed seeing Gwyn do her stuff!!! And we had them here for 2 whole days! Which was fabulous.. but as always the visit is never near long enough!!! But, Dad had to get back to work...
 Gwyn and Daddy had a play with the camera! Are they not the most beautiful pair? Love them both!
 I have been working on a crochet turtle blanket. Gwyn has been loving it up! So it is stuffed right full of love!! I hope the little man that receives it loves it half as much as Gwyn did!!! LOL
 This, is what we woke up to this morning!!! White, with great big snowflakes falling like rain!! It snowed until at least 2pm. Crazy!!! But it is melting off now.. and slushy mucky out there.. thank goodness!! I hope it doesn't add to the flooding issues they are having down south... not fun!!!

 This is the finished turtle blanket. I am very happy with the finished product! It is bright and fun! And yes, I folded it up before Gwyn got to see it done!! LOL


Ahh well, catch ya later!!!


Miss Em said...

OMG!!! The turtle blanket is AMAZING! I am impressed. Marla would have loved all the animals. Just dogs for us thsi weekend.

Miss Em said...

Oh and I TOTALLY agree on the carpet issue in the dining room. I am totally agianst it as well.