Thursday, March 31, 2011

Salad spinner.... Turtles.... Outdoor fun??

Honking the horn on her salad spinner vehicle!!
So, on my blog stroll this morning, Scary Mommy was talking about her 6 year old son taking the salad spinner to school for show and tell. How he was fascinated by it! Made it into a potion mixer! And they had great fun with it! Such a simple not so little kitchen tool. Well this made me think of 2 days ago or so, Gwyn got my spinner.... It was her car, or boat.. not sure.. But she had some fun with it!!!

Current project. Yes, Crochet Turtle afghan. Very fun!!!

Wandering way out onto the neighbors yard. After mommy asked her to come to her..

Sinking in waist deep.

Climbing out and crawling to mom. Mom was not going to rescue her unless it was needed!

Playing in the mud hole. Just a small one so far... getting bigger every day!! Can you tell mommy just washed her coat??
We had great fun playing outside in the snow. Wandering around. Sinking in... working on her snowman. Watching daddy push snow with the truck and blade. Jumping and splashing in this mud puddle.... too bad I had just washed her coat.. LOL it is mud up the one side again now.. LOL and her mittens and socks.. I don't know if we should mention!! LOL She had fun! But was ready to come in for hot chocolate when we asked!!! :)

Some of you asked how my party went.. Well.. lets say it was pretty darn quiet.  It all worked out in the end though...

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