Thursday, April 28, 2011

We carry our addictions in brown paper bags....

Ok, so, Maybe we all don't but I know, The Golden Willow Natural Fibre gives you your purchase in a paper bag. So, therefore, I carry yarn... and Addi knitting needles in a paper bag. I know there are others who carry other addictions in paper bags... but I prefer the yarn kind. Here are some pictures of the latest...
This yarn, Mom and Sharon picked out for a shawl for me. Mom delivered it when she and Dad came to visit. It also contained the correct size Addi turbo for the shawl I was working on!!!

This was my own purchase... Yummy blue wool!! 
This was also my own purchase. Soft squishy cotton... dreamy!!

This is wonderful cotton blend, 2 pair of Addi's, stitch holders... and some neat looking Yarn needles... (not a hole for the eye but a loop.. looked like they would be awesome to thread).

Japanese Garden Shawl pre-blocking.

Japanese Garden Shawl while blocking. Notice my helper.... LOL

Another blogger was photographing her Rhubarb. Thought I would toss this in. 
 The rhubarb is coming up nicely. Though I am a little concerned as James said that we are supposed to get a low of -6cel. yet this week... Can we not just get spring?? Oh, well.. if it's only one night, I hope the little plants about will survive it. Mind you.. any of them nasty biting bugs could get hit hard!!
Gwyn moving water about the yard.

Moving from the puddle to the rut. LOL

I was away for a week and a half in the city.  While in the city I did that yarn shopping. Other necessity shopping.  We took Gwyn to a few different parks to play. She drew with sidewalk chalk all over grandma and grandpa's pavement. We took her swimming at the Sandra Schmirler Leisure Center. There is a fabulous toddler park there outside. Gwyn did a face plant the day we took her to the park outside. She was excited about the park and tripped on a landscape tie that was just sticking out of the ground enough to trip her. She landed flat on her face and her feet went way up... I could have swore that she was gonna be scraped and bloody from the fall... but they have this amazing recycled tired floor and she didn't have a scratch!! Awesome park for kiddles!!!! There is a library. And the pool we loved. So geared for kids. Though, Gwyn so wanted to go down the big slide.. just a little too big and scary yet. But she went down the toddler slide and the little kid slide and also did a tonne of jumping in the off the float/side of the pool. Wonderful fun. 

Anyways I shall run, supper is on the go... and all that!

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Susan said...

Ooh, this is an eye candy post! Such wonderful addictions in your brown paper bags.

Don't worry about rhubarb and frost. It's a hardy plant.