Monday, April 04, 2011

Spring has sprung... and I mean the annual lake in the back yard!!!

Every year with the melt of the snow we get a lake. It never really bothered me much, just meant that we park on the front street when a certain time hits in spring.  Well. that time has come for me. Though James with the truck and blade is still parking in the back. Which is fine as he has frozen ground under the water yet.
In this pic you see the corner of the garage, mud, snow pushed up, neighbors house, our shed, Gwyn's swing set, and a wee peek of our house. This is the mud that had more water in it and Gwyn got stuck in the day before yesterday. 
Here you see, our house, James and the truck, tarp garage, Gwyn and the giant lake puddle. The trees  fencing our yard from Irene's next door.

Gwyn stomping around in the mud.

Mush, mush, squish, squash.... 

Loving being outside.

Swing, swing...

Squish, squash some more.

Where's Da? Gotta find Da.
 It has been a year of patchy snow removal. It started pretty good... then I really don't know what happened. Town tractor is down I know that.. so no snow blowing. After our last snowy blowy it took.. 3 days I think before we saw anyone. And it turned out to be a tractor with a blade on it that just kinda pushed stuff around so people were not having as much trouble getting through. The last one they sent was a tractor with a bucket. Not made to push snow. And they had him cleaning up the slush.  WELL.. That led to James heading out to push... He did our block and 2  more to the north. He didn't do the first block... too much traffic, no where to push the slushy snow that was safe and out of the way. So we had 3 good blocks of main street. The grid here is almost dry. And the first block of main was a big slushy mess. So, 2 days of melting and James went out to clean up a little more yesterday afternoon.  It had softened up and melted away so our block was practically dry, but the next two had slushy and rutty again. So, off James went to fix it up some.. Gwyn wanted a ride with dad so.. we went too.. LOL She had been inspecting the blade while her daddy was fixing it... She so wanted to help him!!! LOL Such a daddy's girl.
James snow blade imprint in the snowbanks. Kinda neat. He thought city folk might get a kick out of it.. as they are used to grader ridges. I just think it looks kinda neat....

Take this hunk of snow/ice mom. Where Gwyn? Take it mom... LOL

Not thinking about smooshing about in the water or mud at all....

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