Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Warm yummy wooly goodness as promised!!

Yes I got some yarn therapy in the city. My momma gave me a treat and purchased a couple balls for me. I also purchased a couple balls. So, here is what yummy yarn goodness I brought home. My momma also purchased a 2mmx100cm Addi turbo lace circular for me.. and an electronic row counter! I sure got spoiled!! So, Thank you momma!! I can't wait to get knitting on some of this!! :)
This Poems sock yarn is very nice! and a reasonable price!!
The fame trend is a wee bit scratchy to me, but I still like it and will make something wonderful with it! The Debbie Macomber is for a pair of socks for ME!! LOL It is fabulously soft!!
This Briggs and little I see as mitten's.  I have 2 of the pink so might do a full set.. but will see. I might try some colour work with another B&L yarn. Will see......
Anyways, as I promised there it is.  Gwyn had  a little nap today. I got her cloths put away and most of what we brought home from the city! Which, for once.. was not a whole hell of a lot... LOL  Anyways... I have knit not a stitch since getting home... maybe it is time to get out the train to play.. but Gwyn is watching Toopie and Binoo very happily right now.. so might leave sleeping dogs lie for a wee bit! LOL
Catch ya later!

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