Saturday, February 05, 2011

Repairs.... Check!

Ok. So.. I blew out 2 nursing bras(the cup ripped away from the foundation) and I have been meaning to get out the sewing machine and fix them. Yeah, I know, I could probably wear a normal bra by now.. but the nursing ones are just easier and more comfortable yet.. I do think I will have to buy a new bra when I get done with the breast feeding. ANYWAYS! So, I got the sewing machine out and actually got them fixed up. ahhhh DONE! back to 4 bras in circulation. Nothing like trying to make it between laundry days with 2 bras. I always ended up yanking a blow out, off the repair hanger and wearing it.. boogas that is nasty! Anyway enough bout that. What I wanted to say was DAMN IT FELT SOOO GOOD TO SEW!!! I soooo wish I had a sewing room... I foam at the mouth a little bit with drool when we start looking at trailers/homes to build out on the farm! I know.. I know. might be the last freaking room in the house to ever get finished.. but it would be a room. As for a trailer it would be a corner in a guest room. But, maybe, if Gwyn will go down for her naps still.. I can get some sewing in? maybe there is some birthday/Christmas sewing in the future for me. Aside the knitting.. oh my... anyways... Gwyn is up now... snuggling daddy but up. Glad I got the sewing machine away just in time! Well.. back to knitting my socks I guess...

OOOH!!! I forgot to tell you, the other day, I fixed James zipper pulls. I ordered them from Century textile in Saskatoon and we put them on his bunny hugs so now he has working pulls. His old pulls had broken the tab and loop right off so you couldn't even stick something through the hole. But I am glad that wee bit of repair is done too..

If this keeps up.. who knows what I can get done!! LOL

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