Tuesday, February 01, 2011

One more pair done.... another started...

This is the picture of what's next. I am debating a cuff on these like on the last.... I will have to see how they look when I get them knit up some. I was very uncrazy about the way this yarn cast on for a toe up sock... it was stringy and nasty for a Turkish cast on.. but now that I have knit with it some, it is not so bad as I thought it might be. The fabric of them is very nice and soft too! This is the finished product, of my lacy, girlie and fun socks.

And that's about all I have for ya.
I have a miserable headache. I thought I had it beat, but now it's back. It's cold outside but sunny which when you don't have to go anywhere is nice. It is supposed to warm up to -10cel tomorrow.. then up to around 0 cel. for Thursday/Friday. It then is supposed to cool off again. Our thermometer read -20cel. at one point today but the wind chill is supposed to be bitter.. and out thermometer is always a degree or 2 warmer. I have a thought it might be too close to the furnace pipe.... or the crappy window?? either might affect it.. or BOTH!!!
I cut Gwyn's bangs today.. I didn't do a stellar job. But, they are out of her eyes! Which was the biggest thing.
That's my excitement unless you count the steak I am going to broil for supper... but that is not all that exciting.

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Miss Em said...

OMG Those are seriously lovely. I would so have you make Marla a pair but I would never let her wear them. She is murder on socks. They are beautiful though!