Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 Days MIA, I'm baack.... City visit...

 Well, here we go.. I went to the city apparently on the 12th.  This pic right below is me trying to get Gwyn ready. She wanted Daddy to come along. She got his boots and wanted him to put them on.. eventually she put his boots on which made for the cutest pic... or at least I think so... LOL
These are the Valentines day flowers my wonderful hunny sent me. These flowers made some miles.... We went out for a short on that Monday... and the flowers were delivered across the street. So I went to collect them and must have checked back 4 times as nobody was home. I then get a phone call after supper to go to the front door.. and Mom and Dad's neighbor beside comes over with the flowers.  She then explains how the neighbor across the way thought they were for her but, she didn't have a valentine... so she looked at the tag closer and found they were for me. They made a detour but they certainly made it to me in beautiful shape.. lovely as can be!

My girl did some puzzles with Grandma on Valentines day. She was all decked out in her heart wear! LOL
We  did manage to get Gwyn's aunti down for a visit.  Gwyn likes to hog her ipod.
I got some Piggy Paint for Gwyn's toes. She actually sat still while I painted them.. and I have seen her admiring them a couple times....
It's here!! It came while I was in the city!! The baby gate I won.. is here!!! It is beautiful! and opens very easily!! Very nice!! Big thanks to Munchkin for it! I so love their products!!! (Sippy cups too!!!)
After a long visit in the city. I am home. Good to be home... miss my family already. Gwyn misses them too.. add Snowdog to that too!! She loves grandma's doggy.  Anyways, I think I should have left the flowers in the city.. they didn't travel home so well... was a long haul and aged them horribly.. but they are still beautiful so.. I guess I will enjoy them a few more days....
Got a little further on these socks.  I have some new.. yummy yarn to share.. but will have to wait for pics until tomorrow.... I am off to bed!
Goodnight all!!

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