Monday, August 02, 2010

The Treadmill of life....

Here, today, I thought I did pretty damn good. Had the dishes all done up at lunch. Had lunches dishes in the sink.... then suppers.. now it looks like a huge pile again. Been doing laundry all day....You know the drill.. put a load in.. take a load out...round and round and round.  I thought I was accomplishing something... then at the end of the day.. I am tired and feel like I accomplished nothing.  Run, run, run and get nowhere. Life's treadmill.

Trying to keep my sunny outlook... but it's sometimes.... a challenge.

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MOM said...

You are accomplishing something every day! You are raising a wonderful little girl! She is healthy and happy and that speaks to accomplishments of her Mommy and her Daddy. Keep up the good work!