Saturday, August 07, 2010

Good day,

Gwyn and I had a great day today.. I was tired as all hell.... yes... 6 hrs of sleep did not cut it for this momma.  But made it through.  We were up at 6. Watched some TV. Ate some breakfast. Outside for a good play until 10am. Back in for a drink, then a lunch, then a nap. Up at 3. Played some. Had some supper. Out to play when it started to cool after 5pm. Played out for a bit. Had a ride on the push bike(mommy had a good long walk). Felt great btw!  Then home, visit with Daddy who was home now.  Made supper for James and I. Then, now I guess just kickin' back until bedtime. Maybe about 9 as Gwyn isn't showing all signs of ready yet... LOL 

Big day tomorrow. Pickin' peas at the farm again.... Sighs.. hopefully early enough it won't be nasty horrid hot. Was pretty darn hot today! Might pack a bag and see about Canora's pool..... They apparently have a separate toddler pool.. not so scary that she gets too deep by accident maybe?  But will see what the day holds.


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