Friday, August 06, 2010

Accomplishing something. AGAIN!!!

Wow! Yes, I feel like I am on a roll!! You wouldn't believe it. My legs and hips are telling me so though.... Today, I got all my dishes from yesterday done up. I got all of today's done, only an ice cream scoop and 2 ice tea glasses and spoons remain (glasses are in use).  I bagged up 15 bags of peas and got them in the freezer.. yes I blanched them.. so wash, boil, rinse, cool, bag.  Fed my troops (Mr.J and G). I got some things done in G's room!! So, size 3 cloths are sorted and beyond. Just to go through the old totes and figure them out. Also now I can start on other things in there.. like emptying the crib so we can take it down and put her mattress in there!!! Hooray!!! *sighs* that is a long road though. But I am feeling less discouraged right now.. so.. will stop looking at the forever road and look at my current accomplishments instead!! That feels much better!! LOL 

And tonight, G goes to size 4 diapers.  Good gawd she was in 3's for over a year!!! or was it just a year? Auntie W. do you remember? eh, doesn't matter.. we went through tonnes of size 3. The only reason I am going to a 4 now is because the damn things are too short. They are diggin' into her poor little leg at the hip joint so time for some longer ones!!

What else can I tell you?  Mr.J sprayed the yard today, one step closer to nice grass for my G.

Well, now it's late.. well getting to be early!!! So, off to bed I go because that gorgeous G will be up at an awful early hour!!!

Night all!!

P.S. I am so glad to be back writing this... I sure did miss it.  Wouldn't it be cool if I got that room all done up then I could get some knittin' in? MM socks for Christmas anyone?? LOL


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Yup. a year. :)