Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Accomplishing something.

Well, yesterday. I accomplished something. Felt for the first time in awhile like I got something done.  Of course... Mr.J says "You wasted your whole afternoon. It doesn't look any different to me." With a grin on his face as we crawled into bed last night.  I told him he was an ass as usual. I know I made progress. It looks better and feels better to me.  I have a giant bag of cloths that don't fit, one way or the other to get rid of.  Wondering where I will find a drop box. So after the bedroom adventure. I then wandered into G's room... Oh my.... I just want to say.. no one is to buy a size three anything for her unless it screams very loudly that it is a G item. At least until I get things sorted out and can say she needs something... 3's are stacked up.  2's are a little skimpy.. but thinking with size 3 shirts we should be pretty darn good yet. We will see. I have lots of sorting to do.

And today, I already have my dishes done... and it isn't even 10am yet!! Wow! Gotta be a record no?  Mr.J is at the farm today. I have to do some mile makin'. Recycle bins, van is full.. LOL going to go to Preeceville. I have some bottles and cans as well as some business for Mr.J. Maybe throw that bag of cloths in.. just in case.... I see a drop box! LOL

So, off and running... well.. not yet but soon I thinks... have to put some pants on my G and take her out to play for a bit.

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Just call me Katrinka said...

I know that feeling of being busy all day but having nothing too obvious to show for it at the end. It gets tiresome after a while, doesn't it?