Friday, August 06, 2010

A dip in the pool.

~I know, it's blurry, but what a smile!~
We had a good day today. At the start I wasn't so sure it would be! When Mr.J says I need to go to Wadena for this.  So, I made the very best of it. I had no dishes to do. I had toys to pick up.. but, what the heck.. toys on the floor are nothing new in a toddlers space! LOL So, I figured.. well it is warm enough to go for a swim. I thought I was crazy.. How are you going to handle that wild girlie in a pool.... And yes... even when we were there in the pool I wondered!! But we went, took care of our business. Had a dip in that lovely pool!! The water was soooo nice!! They have a 0 entry so you can walk right in. They had a little tykes slide there for the little people to slide into the water on.  They had a little spray island, which my girl just loved!!! That is where I wish I would have had a few more hands... Scared she would climb or slip out b4 I got to her on the opposite side. She loved playing in there though. When she was shivering...(I so didn't want to take her away until she was ready or chilly) we dried off and dressed up again. Headed over to the bakery, picked up some of their... mmmm, mmm, hamburger buns, and had a donut treat while we were there!! YUM! Shame on us. But, we need to live a little and enjoy life too! AND it isn't like we are there everyday scarfing them down... LOL Anyways.... then we went off to the Co-Op and got some milk and other such wonders. Then all in the van and off to home...Nice to be home.. G was soooo tired! She had fun, but was tired. She had some supper, called her Auntie W to tell her what fun she had. No answer so had to wait for the call back :) While on the phone with her auntie, she wanted to go to sleep. So off to bed at OMG 6pm er 6:30pm... She may be up horrible early.. but she only had a short nap this morning.. so hoping she will sleep until 6! If I am lucky at all it will be 7am and not 4!! Good grawsh.... it could be a horrid early one!! I just wanted to tell you about out pool trip.

~Tired after all that swimming, but happy!~

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