Friday, February 13, 2009

Mysterious package....

Today, in the mail. We got a package. It came from Outlook. No card. Just the box number. We are suspecting who it came from... so.. will be writing an interesting Thank you card! They sent the sweetest stuffs.....
The little sleeper and onesie are very very sweet!
Are they not the cutest little booties? Which is good because she grew out of her other pair!!
Very sweet bib's as well!
Here is a neat pic of the Cactus' flowers... back in December... LOL I think I forgot to show you!!!! So, here you go.. showing you now!
Gotta run... Got to write that thank you and snuggle my girl!!!
P.S. After closer inspection of the package.. I found the note tucked between the layers of packaging. It was from whom we figured... :) Thank you R&R

1 comment:

Eva said...

sweet baby clothes! what a beautiful valentine gift. i like the bibs most.

i can't help but stop in shops with baby equipment and admire and touch all the sweet baby stuff! i still remember clearly my first visit to such a shop when i was pregnant...all the lotions and bathtubs, bottles, i still have some of those things and i hope to never lose them.

i hope it's not inappropriate to ask, but did you have an epidural?