Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not much Kick'n

Well, Life is pretty quiet around here. Just the daily hum. Bathing baby, cooking, feeding baby... watching Holmes on Homes...
We did watch Don't mess with the Zohan the other night.. was giggle-worthy in places.. although there was way too much crotch crap.. but it is Adam Sandler... and you can expect over the top or not with him.... and well.. too much crotch for us.
Mom and Dad came for their visit. The air mattress managed to hold air until 5am so, they didn't sleep on the floor all night! Just from 5am on. They brought the exersaucer for our girl with them.... She loves it. So, thank you again Grandma and Grandpa!
Other than that.. things are pretty quiet. OOH unless someone knows a very gentle lotion for babies? May try my Curel that was maternity and motherhood stage as it says it is ok for new babies too.. but am hesitant.
Well off and running... Auntie T. and Cousin T. come for a visit tomorrow... think I may just slide through the tub? LOL


Eva said...

so funny, grandma and grandpa ending up on floor in the middle of the night!

my mother has a sleeping bag here and every time she sleeps over she tries to stuff her grandson in with her. but he does a lot of kicking even when he sleeps alone, so they end up sleeping in separate places very soon.

does your baby have skin problems? i hope it's nothing serious. our daughter has very cold-sensitive skin and when we have very low temperatures like -18 C her cheeks and hands can even bleed. i got such a fright the first time it happened, i thought it was some kind of horrible disease!

we use a dry-and-cold weather cream from MUSTELA. the brand has many other products for skin care of babies, pregnant women and new mothers. i don't know if it's available near you and it's a bit on the expensive side, but of all the stuff we tried, this one really hepled. it smells nice, too.


oh my gosh she is getting so big and she's just precious:) I just want to kiss her feet and pinch her little cheeks!