Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pictures... shopping.. and such...

Well, It seems we can not go to the city without a bit of shopping.... And so be it. We got home safe and sound, Tuesday night. It was a horrible night to travel but we have traveled in worse. Snowing and blowing as it was. But we did make it home safe.

The Doctor's appointment went well. Gwyn is doing well. She is now 23.5inches tall.... and a whopping 10lbs 15oz's. So not too long she will be 2ft, and 11lbs! Wow! No wonder her car seat feels heavy!!!

Anyways, since we are looking at being in Outlook right quick. I did some shopping to see if I could make a few more outfits for our girl(fewer laundry days). Grandma had a couple things to contribute too.
Grandma's stash, 2 sleepers, 2 bibs and a onesie.
More of grandma's stash, 2 onesies. Long sleeved. Nice and warm that way!I picked up some pants. I hope she will fit them and that I can match them up with some of her shirts! As long as they are not too terrible wide I will roll up the legs for length.
This sleeper was too adorable to leave behind.... it's a 24month size, but with how cute it was... we couldn't pass it up.
We don't think that Piglet has ever looked so good!This is the cutest little outfit. It is Eeyore and Pooh... very sweet.
This one is very sweet too.... A cute little Tigger outfit!
Then, we found these sweet little onesies. They are day of the week onesies... did anyone else have the day of the week underwear when they were little? LOL I know I did....
They are very sweet anyways...
Now, I may be part nut. But I am happy that way. I feel guilty taking my sweet little girl out with no shoes on. I mean it. I don't know what it is. Her daddy says "she is under a blanket." But I still don't feel right about it. I like to have booties on her or now... We found these cutest little shoes!!! Very sweet. I found the boys.. and James found them in the pink for our girl! I can put these on her now and not feel guilty. They are soft and warm and all that good stuff!
Here is my girl with her Grandpa(my dad). She is very taken by Snow(Grandma's Miniature American Eskimo dog). Usually Snow is trying to lick her or see her... or getting right bent that she is crying! I do hope they continue with a good relationship... as Snow can be snippy.
She had some good giggles with grandpa...
When we got home... She tried out her new chair again. We tried it out at Grandma and Grandpa's and the first go wasn't great but she was tired and hungry. The second go was good.. she laughed and giggled and enjoyed the seat. Then when we got home... long as she isn't too tired she still enjoys it. I think she likes to be that bit independent of us and yet get the attention. We can talk to her while she sits there and she is happy and content.

So, I have not rambled on and on... but have rambled enough to give you a bit of an update.

I will do a walk down memory lane one day. But, it is a bit of work as we have moved around a bit. The house mom and dad are in now, is not the one we grew up in.

Off and running. Hope to catch you soon! Will let you know when we are off to Outlook.. just so you don't worry if you don't hear from me! :)


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Eva said...

just look at your girl laughing! she looks happy and healthy and very very smart. these photos are soo good, i can see her "in action" and see love sparkling from her eyes. she is a big girl already! i love to see a baby grow, so thanks for the lovely photos, you warmed my heart.

there are never enough clothes when there is a small child in the house. my husband (!) does laundry six days out of seven and still the children run out of pants easily. those are very very cute onesies you found, and all the pooh clothes... the piglet really is special, he looks like a she-piglet.

i'm glad you had a good time!