Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sockin' It

These are the socks I made for Uncle Marty. He hasn't got them yet so- SHHHHHH! I like them. They turned out nice. Nice long leg and should fit him nice.
This is a sock I started for me. It is a little shorter in the leg. It is very red! I mean really red! I mean I like it, it's fun. It's the red I used for Dad's heel and toe. I did buy the red for me though!! Just for fun.
So, we are home for a quick stop again. Been weeding the garden.... oh my!!! you should see the weeds! I am not showing you the weeds though... I will wait and take pictures when we are done weeding. My onions are going to be big and beautiful! The potatoes are coming along too... the carrots have beautiful tops as well as the beets and turnips. So the garden looks good... will look better without all the weeds.

I am off and running and will catch you all later!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yarn and stash space

I took the plunge. LOL I ordered ..... 50lbs of wool from Briggs & Little. Yes, I am crazy. :D Any doubts? And OK, it was really 52lbs, but who was really counting? 210 skeins. For socks and mittens and all that good stuff!!! I know. I could have purchased little bits in the store, but then, I am confined to the shop's color selection unless, one places a special order... well.... I placed my own special order. Now, I have a task of, wondering where in hell I am going to put it!! LOL My room, Looks like hell. Yes I said HELL!! madness. hey wait. Maybe I am just brave enough to show you? hmmm... then again maybe not. LOL It has been the drop and run victim lately. I mean, drop and run in the worst way!! LOL Now I think I have to show you....

Above the mess on entrance, Below the mess on the table!!

The mess in front of the storage drawers!

The Pile of Gifts to be made, well, and projects. Not all gift sewing, some is for me but at the rate I am getting it done, it just might be a gift to me by the time I get to remembering what I am making... other than the mess..... !!!
Now, does it really look like I need any more? ROTFLMAO

Dad will be happy I will have wool for his socks for a long time. I may even have enough to sneak in socks for someone else too.... Maybe.... even me!!!

Now on the mess of a table is some stuff I intend to free-cycle... if I am ever home long enough. *shrugs* I guess we shall see... there is also a phone for my sis and a couple other things. I also have some alterations to do... a jacket and vest on the end of the table in the shopping bags. will go really quick once I find the table and get working on them. The bags at the door are cloths for a friend, I really need to drop them off T! LOL

I am excited about the wool though...

So back to work tomorrow... We are off and running in the morning with a few stops... then off to put up them 30 some bins!

Talk to you later,

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rain, Rain, and more rain

Hey, We came home for a day or 2. It's raining in Outlook today. Think it will take a day or 2 to dry up the yard so we can move around in there with the bins and cones. So, a quick stop home again. Kinda nice to be here.... ooh my own bed will feel damn good. *yawns* Feels like midnight and it is only 9:15... go figure... must be the rain er something.

I finished sock #1 for my uncle. I have started sock #2. I was working on #2 in the truck on the way home. We hit a rough spot and James asked if I missed a stitch? No. Did you drop a stitch? No. I guess I might be getting a little better at holding on to the stitches when we are driving our lovely highways!! LOL I don't know what I want to make after them, but, I do want to make something different then the socks... just a little break you know! LOL I'll find something.

So that's it for now. Catch you later!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Busy but quiet.

Hey, we've been busy. Bin's went well today. Other than that... bins bins bins... things are pretty quiet. The Couple that we are working on the bins for tonight, fed us. Very nice people, and home cooked is sooo nice when you are on the road!

I am still working on those sockies.... You know the blue ones for my uncle... I haven't had time to work on them... didn't feel like working on them in the car on the way here so.... I think I put a couple rows on them the other night! But thats it.

*sighs* not much to tell.
will talk to you all later!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Face Book

Hey, OI, 2 1/2 hours, Checking emails, sending stuff through face book. It's kinda neat. I like it. Can post pictures, harass friends... all good stuff. I like the free gift's, you can send a little picture to your friend. And I like the super poke, you can then send a hug to a friend rather than just a poke! Neat!

I could ramble on some more but, I am not sure if I should be returning a pair of boots right now or what! Second time on, pulled out an eyelet. Nastiness! So, thinking I might just take them back... the question being is it worth the fuel? I guess I shall find out!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Christmas Cactus

I thought since the last pics were enjoyed that I would add some..... Hope you enjoy these ones too!

Rambling on and on and on and on again!!

Oi, I know I just bombarded you with a tonne of pictures! And didn't give you much to read. "Shame on me!" But really, I just felt like pictures, so, I hope you can forgive that! Plus it was late and James was wanting me, to go to bed.... LOL at a descent hour so we could get up and get things done... LOL. I still got up and got moving... *shrugs* It's all good. Anyways.

I headed home from Tugaske, through Moose Jaw and Regina. Yes the long way around but, I had a bag of cloths to pick up in Moose Jaw from my sis that is going to a friend out here. Then I had stuff to run around and do in Regina. I stayed overnight, and ran like crazy. Then came home. I got home at hmmmmm....... 11:30pm ish. Kinda late to be on those lovely highways(more later). But, that's how it was. James wasn't home yet. So, I called him. Usually he is home if I am coming home late... He was with his Brother and a friend which, is good for him. I got to unpack the car and sort out some odds and ends... LOL I should have taken pictures of the house!!! You know when you move to a hotel for 2 months... you have a lot of stuff there, and there was a lot of stuff in the kitchen on the floor!! So, off to bed at 2 ish when James got home. The phone rang at 6 am. We had things to do so got up at 8. Home late. Off to Yorkton, yesterday. Had shopping to do(we got new cell phone's, I changed my cell # so any of you out there with the old one, it's obsolete). Got it done. Got home and in bed... b4 midnight I thinks.... not bad. Up 8 ish this morning. James is out to the farm to help dad finish up with the seeding. Good stuff!!! Glad we got some nice weather. It's not overly warm, but at least today the sun is saying hello.

So, about the Highways. I know, I bitch a lot about them. But they are very bad!!! I think we should change our Saskatchewan Symbol/Flower to the Red Diamond sign they put on the highway at a bump/hole/gravel pit. It would suit. I mean, coming home in the dark, hard to see to dodge the holes. Mind you the gravel pit I call it because had I hit the hole wrong I would have been high centered and stuck or rolled, because the gravel had been ridged up so bad from, other vehicles(be it trucks, tractors, other cars) that the ruts were deeper than my clearance. Crazy shtuff. Now I am done...... not really but, I am quiting that string right now!! LOL

I am working on a pair of blue socks. Very nice. Started the foot on #1. Then to do the mate... and move on to something else. Not sure what though. *shrugs* I should right now be doing my hair and then taking a walk uptown to the mailbox. Maybe trying to make some semblance of order in my room(yarn every where's, magazine's, gift bags......). It needs a tidy...

So, I guess I am off and running.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Misc. Musing of Messes....

Yarn Deal at Micheal's - Lily and Cream Cotton - 1lb balls for $6.00I didn't really need more cotton though!!
Walmart fuzzy yarn - soft fuzzy yummy coloured yarn
Birthday spoiling from my mummy
More Birthday Spoiling
(I had planned on purchasing the above yarn myself. But, I left my mummy unattended at the til and she paid!!! Part of my birthday present, along with some cloths - Royally Spoilt!!!)
Christmas Cactus - Today (above and below)

Replacement Yarn from Cascade - For some I purchased that was flawed - Excellent customer service!!!

Just wanted to show you some stuff. Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tugaske is done!!

Baby Robin's in a bucket on the Hopper cone leg!

Outlook Bin Parts

So, I have been Slacking! We finished in the Yard on Friday!!! WOOOOOWHOOOOO!!!! Then yesterday we spun the 2 bins for the one guy. We were going to do the other as well, but he still had grain in the bottom of the bin... so, no spin for him. Not til we come back to do it anyways! So, we are officially done Tugaske!! Yesterday we took the crane up to Outlook. LOL There are cones every wheres! But, that happens. At least all the bin parts are together!! Now we are back to Tug. We are going to leave tomorrow for home. ahhh home....... I actually still remember that place!!! LOL We might go out to the lake today after breakfast, but we shall see.... I have some neat pics too.......... Birdies in a bucket they put stiffener shims in, all nested in, its neat, here in Tug. Then I have pics of the bins in pieces, in Outlook. I have packing to do tooo!!!!

So, talk to you all later,