Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tugaske Bins . . . .

Well, We woke to it being a wee bit wet this morning . . . It was raining, and looking like it was going to stick around all day! See all that water? We decided it would be a good day to make the trip home and check for mail and all that good stuff. So that is what we did. The pic's below were taken at about 10am . . . Just before we headed out of town.

Wet, Wet, Wet and very spongy to walk on next to the marsh . . .

Had to put down the crane while we were away, so, up went the roof and it came down with the crane! (only a little ways up!)

James hard labour of roofs while I was in Moose Jaw, Tuesday. The one on the crane in the air we built the night before the rain, after building a bin(from one of James 3 roofs) and putting it on a hopper cone.
Hmm, 5 Rosco's(14ft diameter, 6 rings tall) on hopper cones, One Rosco(14ft, 6 rings) on a wood floor and one Westeel wide core(18 ft diameter, 4 rings) on a hopper cone tucked in the back(really can't see it from this angle). A Rosco has a shorter sidewall sheet than the wide core, therefore the 6 rings on a Rosco is about the same as the 4 Rings on the wide core for height.
So this is what we have been up to. Got these bins up, got the air(rockets installed) on 12 cones. 4 cones still need the air installed . . . but we just got the Rocket's delivered Monday, so, we built bins instead of air. The weather has been nice till today, when it rained!! But, had some laundry to do and mail to pick up, so it's good. Long drive home with all the roads washed out though . . .. (separate posting of pics). We got home . .. hmm . . . 5 hours later . .. usually only a 3.5 hour drive from there but . .. with detours and such . . .(don't ya just love what the Sask gov. is doing about the roads????) anyway, I have another bunch of photos for you! (above)

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