Sunday, April 08, 2007

I know it was early but . . ..

Hey all, I made it to Regina for a yummy Easter dinner with my family!!(Mom's an awesome cook!) Gotta love it! I also handed out the birthday presents I had done up. So, Dad got his package of socks(pictured in March 28 post). Dad Loved them! LOL I told mom if the toe undid on the black pair the first time she washed them to throw them out and dad made such a face as to say "you wouldn't dare!" LOL So, I guess if my fix for the broken yarn doesn't hold I will be fixing them! Also, cuz I was there on Monday, I got to find out that dad can wear the thin sport socks in his work boots!! very cool!! Can make toasty woollies for in his work boots now! HOORAY! mind you they are more work cuz dad likes that crazy long leg!! oh my! LOL

I also gave Sis her new fuzzy shawl! These pics are me wearing it .. . LOL and then there is the pants I gave her with them. I think she was more taken with the pants than the shawl!! But I do know she loves them both!! (her kitty likes the shawl too, soft fuzzy and warm!).

So, I am working on Mom's birthday present and can hopefully finish in time! I HOPE!! and then carry on with something else . . . LOL

We are in Winnipeg, to be certified by Westeel for building their bins. So hopefully will be a good weekend. Will keep you posted as I can access the net while we are here!

Catchya later!

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