Sunday, April 15, 2007

Back to Saskatchewan . .

mmm nice to be home . . . It felt like a long enough drive to get to Winnipeg, and hubby was driving! Then we had that course to take . .. and If we had never seen the bins before I think it would have been a lot more captivating. As for Hubby and I it was . . . well . . . informative to a degree . . we got to ask questions of the engineers and other persons. As for learning anything . . . I suppose. All said and done, it was an alright trip. We did manage a trip over to The Forks, which . . . could have been skipped. I remembered it being more interesting the first time .. . Hubby didn't have any interest in it. We did see the river up a bit, where I remember there being sidewalk it was river, so we stood on the steps and took a look. So, it was kinda eh. I wanted to go see Ram Wools in Winnipeg . .. but they are only open Mon-Sat 10-5:30. Which I very much think is cool. . .as people shouldn't have to be open Sunday's, but, from the point of arrival late Thurs, the course ran all day Friday, and Saturday by the time we finished there we just wanted to get home. No time for the wool shop that seemed to be up north in the city. . . . :( wish I would have seen it. Oh well .. . maybe next time . .. LOL So, about being happy to be home . . . driving in Winnipeg is interesting to say the least . .. and I suppose it doesn't just fall in the Winnipeg realm. I know you guys are thinking that it was the large busy city that got me... no, that I can handle. It was the lines, or lack there of! You know when you are on a main drag . .. say, Victoria Avenue in Regina, it has a boulevard or at the very least the orange line in the middle of the road that says "hey this is the middle of the road and the other side it oncoming traffic or ditch!" There in Winnipeg, I had to guess . .. or make sure I had seen the street on the map to make sure it was a 2 way or a one way . . .. lots of one ways there too! Anyways, even the highway in Manitoba, #1 highway had white dashes in the middle between us and oncoming in some places and there were places it was the orange but that you were on a hill and could not see what was coming and yet, its still a dash! In Saskatchewan, we get the solid line in the middle when your on a hill! Let me tell ya that makes a hell of a difference when your traveling behind a semi truck and wanna sneak a peak! if it's a solid line you know not to bother .. . dash your checking everywhere . . . crazy . .. and I will give Manitoba credit for their bump flags. . . they are larger, brighter and they flag smaller bumps... ones that our guys would just bypass they had marked .. . nice . .. But I still had trouble with them lines! I guess what they save in painting lines they use for flagging bumps on the highways! LOL

Anyways, Home now, off to Yorkton tomorrow, then through Regina back to Tugaske. Work on Tuesday . . .:)

So, off an running, catch ya's later!

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Lou said...

Happy trails. Glad to hear you got to your family's place for Easter.
Safe traveling to you and your hubby!