Thursday, January 10, 2013

We survived Christmas....

Wow, yup, we survived. Was busy and quiet all at the same time... Crazy! Everything seems to be on fast forward since then... so.. I look at the calender and go.. holy banana beans where did that time go!!  I suppose I should share some pics with you.. hang on while I go see if there is anything worth sharing! LOL

We wrote to Santa very late this year. But he was quick with his response!

She wanted a ball, a puppy and Grandma and Grandpa. LOL We told her Santa couldn't bring pets, they scare the reindeer!

This was the best Santa pic we could get. She wasn't sittin' on his knee... forget that funny business.

Happy girl on the couch with a puppy, or two. (auntie's and gramma's)

We had mini Christmas at home after the big Christmas in the city with the family. Save hauling all that we got for her to the city and back.... And breaks it up some for her... I think bouncy ball and Hot wheels win the big win this year!
And that's it for now...hopefully I will have something more exciting to tell you later... but life as usual has returned... School 4 afternoons a week with Gymnastics in there on Mondays... keeps us busy. All good though... Catchya later!

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