Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another picture heavy post..

Our naked Christmas tree!
 Ok, so now this post brings us into December.. yes, 16th and I am just bringing you in! LOL But here ya go! If your expecting  a Christmas gift and you want to have it be a surprise.. then you better stop here and read after Christmas.. though I did  not make any notes as to who was getting what!

Gwyn, practicing gymnastics, giving Daddy a show.
 We watched a Youtube video or 2 of some gymnasts and contortionists.. Gwyn hollering "Me!, Me!" the whole time... then she had to put a show on for daddy. Went got her suit on, put her mat down for a little comfort on the floor and daddy took pics!

She can almost get her shoulders and she can grab her nose...

We went to see the holiday train. We arrived just in time to see it pull in.. and we left before it pulled out. It was pretty darn cold out to be hanging about too long. Was definitely a good experience though!

Doc Walker playing. Their guitars did not like the cold.. apparently. But we couldn't tell.
Christmas tree delivered to Mom and Dad's.

Gwyn in her new chair made by Papa.

Up and Decorated
Proud of helping decorate the tree!

Stories with grandma
Helping Grandma

Climbing the pantry

Being told to get down...

Pink and white fuzzies

Purple and purple fuzzies


My little present wrapper! She loves it! And she does pretty good! Now only if she could use about a 1/4 of the tape!!!

Our tree light up

One day.. I snuck in a braid. She even kept it there all day at school.. (wouldn't let me pull it out before school even though it got fuzzy)

Denim and white Fuzzies

We went to town special for swimming, Friday the 14th. Gwyn loved it! She wants to go again. And the little fish is swimming on her own pretty good these days!

Navy togue. It's a Wendy Knit's Pattern. LOVE IT!

Twisted hat. Neat pattern, simple with some zing.
And that is about it. Hope you enjoy the picture catch up! :) Need to toss up some more knitting pics.. but not right now.. soon though.. I hope! LOL

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