Thursday, January 10, 2013

Need of some serious... organization!

Living room playspace... note the green wipe containers. They hold sets of small toys.

Pile upon pile of TOYS!
 The solution? Toy bins. and some other crafty ideas. Still stuck on the stuffed animal issue.. but thinking a nice tall hamper should fix that issue. :) Thanks for that one mom...

All those sets are in bins, now she can see them to play with them!!!
 She sets her table and makes soup! and Sandwiches! She can get out her cars have a good play toss them back in the bin and done! LOVE IT!
This was an accident. LOL I started hanging stuffed animals.. Missy didn't like animals hanging.. so I hung her dress up dresses. Then I though.. well.. what the heck, why not hang her seasonal dresses there too! Then if she wants to wear one, she can!!! I wish she had more wall, I would hang a lot more of her wardrobe like that! Might encourage her to pick it out herself!!!

Toys in the shelves. Mommy's stuff above the plastic dresser.

Gwyn and I like the cloths line for her artwork. I like to see her works up!
A LONG way to go yet.. but it is coming along... (mommy needs to clean up her bookshelf above the bed too... aparently!!)

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