Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa visit :) n my chittttt

Well.. I have had a hell of a last couple days.. I shall tell you more about that in a bit. We did however just have a very quick, visit from the man from the North Pole a few minutes ago. Miss Gwyn was very unsure of him, but wanted to show him all her favorite toys!!! so, had he stayed a little longer and not been so busy with the season.. she would have warmed right up! I didn't even get a picture.. shame on me!! Ah well, she loves the colouring book and crayons...

Now, onto my hell... LOL you sure you wanna hear it? Good grief...

This was the shawl in progress that I was rushing to finish for Christmas. I had only been working on it since... ooh July? Yes, toddler and lace.. not a good combo so.. the fussiest stuff was knit while said toddler slept... hence the time frame. So, I had posted this pic of how far I was getting as I was doing sooooo good!!! Then... I hit a critical error. I missed a section of decreases. A section I knew should have been there....  so I tried to fix it. no.. no no.. way!! It was crap. So.... frogged was the shawl. for you non-knitters that means rippit rippit rippit out into the ball form again. That is not where it stayed.. I tried to knit a different shawl type pattern with it... Hated it!!. Move on, tried this, tried that, dug around for this, dug around for that.. spent a day going in circles and not happy with a damn thing. Found something I was happy with.... had a couple hours of rows on it.. Someone removed the needles from the lace row..... not mentioning any toddlers. Can't get mad at the 3 year old. She only wanted to knit a scarf for herself. So cute I melted and knit her a scarf. a short cute pretty scarf.
Fun, pretty. quick knit to make my girl happy.
The next morning.. I did more digging and found another yarn.. it was perfect!!! Just to find the right pattern for it. and I did. I think...
It has gotten lots bigger since then.... almost done.7 more rows. Fringe... and a quick blocking wash..  :) Should happen tomorrow... which would make me very happy! I love how it knits up. Beautiful!
Hopefully more pics when done.

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