Saturday, December 10, 2011

Last Parent & Tot swim lesson...

So, we had our last Parent N Tot swim lesson. Gwyn has officially moved up to Preschool A. Which she does by herself. Exciting and sad all in one. I really enjoyed being in the pool with her. But, she is growing up. Though I myself, and a few others that know us, Can NOT picture Gwyn with 4 other kids and one instructor. Life jacketed or not. Maybe it's just me? LOL I don't know.

 The instructor, let the kids have a toy for the last class. I don't know if she regretted her decision by the time we were done or not... Gwyn got a squirty. She must have squirted everyone at least once... and our lovely instructor the most.(she is the one in front of us in the pic below)
 Gwyn loves the pool! She loves the water. Honestly, she gets it honestly!! From my side.

So, that was our Tuesday. Weds, was gymnastics and we have one last class before we break for Christmas.

I can not believe Christmas is only 2 weeks away.... where the heck does the time go? So, FYI all my Cards are late!!! and on top of it... I did not get any photo books done up.... sorry all.. they if they happen... shall be late as well. I have a 3 cut out that I want to take some pics of Gwyn with... but haven't got to. Life is crazy. But now, should at least be more manageable. Although....I am already wondering when I can get Miss G in swim lessons again!!!

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Miss Em said...

Hey good to see you! I force myself to put pictures of me on my blog. So I get it. Marla starts swim lessons in January. She is so excited. Love us some water babies.