Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fun, food...

 Gwyn got a Christmas card from her Grandma. It had stickers in it!! I wish her grandma could have seen her face light up when she got  mail! Soon  as the stickers came out, she went right to work! She made that beautiful pic above!
 This is my girl on her second pancake this morning. YES,her SECOND! So she ate a good 1.5 pancakes. Amazing! This gal is on an eating streak!! Last night she ate all the pickled carrots out of grandma's pickle dish...LOL guess they were good. She had also eaten a meatball or 2, a small piece of sausage, some cucumber out of the macaroni salad.... and.... an apple and a half before we left the house! I dunno where this eating streak has come from but, darn it's good.
 Today Gwyn and I did some crafties. I tried to make her magic wands. They turned out OK. She loved the hand and foot sticks! And the Christmas trees below, we  made from cut out hand shapes... and sticks. We remembered on the second tree that we had perfect star stickers... LOL but the first one is neat too...  (Gwyn had fun with the glue)
 ahhh this is the scarf to replace the frogged shawl. Pre-blocking (soak and shape)

Gwyn was happy to model for me... but would not sit still!!!

Post blocking.
I love the scarf. I think it turned out beautiful!!!!! May have to use that pattern again!! I enjoyed it.

Well, that is it for now. Haircut tomorrow. Gotta do a stack of dishes, finish laundry and pack. Then off to Christmas in the city. Should be good :) And if I don't post before.....

Merry Christmas!!!

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