Friday, July 15, 2011


I was at my Auntie's while I was in the city. YES! I was in the city...

I did purchase a spindle of my own. Pictures will follow. I also finished a neck warmer(just a little plain one to go with fishy hat and mittens. pictures will follow.) But, that is not what I am telling you about tonight.

I went in on Wednesday, arrived later than expected, but had a good day of it. I stayed Thursday. Shopped a bit, visited a bit. Friday(today) I left. Yes, quick, short and sweet visit. I had a spindle to return as some had come into the Golden willow. The van also needed an oil change. Both got done! YAY! I had a very very short shopping list and I managed to get most of it. The things I did not get are not pressing so it is not the end of the world.


While visiting my Aunti. Yes, I call her Aunti. Just do. I used the washroom. In the washroom she has this wonderful quote. I am sure, I have read it a million times. But for some reason, this trip it hit me. It grabbed hold and popped for me. What was it? well.....  "Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow. " — Mary Anne Radmacher. I have had a few days, that I have went to bed thinking I have got to be better tomorrow. I have got to do better, be better, feel better and act better tomorrow. I think as parents, mom's in particular. It is important to remember we can do better tomorrow.. when the world is shit with us today. And yes, I said shit. Some days just feel that way.  So, I told my mom how I had read the quote before, but that it really didn't hit me until now. And told her what it meant to me. So, then, she reminded me, that Aunti had given her a copy of this same quote and it hangs in her bedroom. Now I have read it there too.. but it didn't register and hit home until I was standing in the bathroom washing my hands reading it for the gazillionth time. Odd. But some things are like that. Mom said that quote helped her through a lot.

I think that it is a great kind of courage to have. To know, to try again tomorrow.

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Val at Newland Ranch said...

Thanks for the quote-its a good one.
How you suddeny had a new meaning of the words (like a light went on)is called an "epiphany".
Epiphanies don't happen every day - its so exciting when it happens!