Thursday, March 24, 2011

On and On about Gwyn... LOL.. AND FINISHED Socks!!!!

Was after the camera... so I took some pics.

Played right out!

Playing with the blankie on the bed!

Reading... well pushing the sound buttons.. but still.

Playing with her toys.

Makin' faces

Finished socks!!!!

So yeah,  I finished the socks that almost made me nuts. I was not liking how the pattern was turning out...and feeling very frustrated with the amount of work I was putting into them.. following a pattern you can't commit to memory is hard with a 2 year old running around you.... But, I am rather happy with the finished product. I love, love the bind off I used.. It stretches soooo nice!!! And it looks super good!!

So, now the socks are done. I am off to work on the turtle affie!! Yay! The yarn I ordered from was here in 10 days!!! from the states! Through customs!!! AWESOME! Anyways, I am excited to start that up.. then I have a bunch of other projects to get rolling...

Tomorrow, I am having a Jockey P2P(person to person) party. I am somewhat excited.. and somewhat I dunno. I invited a few, heard back from a couple... so, I guess I am nervous about how many will actually show. There! I said it! I don't want to waste this wonderful gals time.  So, I know of about 3 that will come....  I think. One for sure! *shrugs* wait and see I guess!!

OOH!!! Wendy Knits is selling a beautiful shawl pattern for $5.00US. She is putting all the money she makes on it into the red cross for relief for Japan. Those folks sure need it!  I bought the pattern.. and can't wait to get some yarn to start it!!! But, one thing at a time!!!

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Miss Em said...

Hi my dear, those socks are is Gwen. I so don't have the patience for such a project but so envy the results. Hope your party turned out well. I have been invited to one before but not attended for whatever reason but the clothes looked nice.