Friday, March 11, 2011

Pictorial Catch up...

We had a day that the temperature wasn't all that cold, but the wind had a nip. We walked up to the post office and Co-Op. I figured if I could take it without a scarf... Gwyn should do well all bundled up.. so off we went.. when we got back we had some playtime in the back yard.
Mom, get the mail and lets get out of here!!!
Playing with snow in the back yard.
Have some snow mom!
Adventuring around the block.

Just tromping along...
When we got to the corner, she looked up and saw her little friends house.. and so wanted to go play. I had to tell her, her friend was under the weather and couldn't play today. It was the truth, plus it was late in the day for tea.. getting too close to supper time.

Grandma gave her a backpack... she loves it!!

The marshmallow monster! She loves them!
Num, num. num....
Gwyn's wonderful daddy, dug out her swing! So it was +1 cel. yesterday, so we went out and had some playtime and a good swing.... twice!!

Wanted to sneak over and visit her friend again... 
Daddy pushing her in her swing. (round 2)
I love these sheets mommy, don't take them to wash!!!
Maybe if I curl up in them and have a sleep....
Yarn! From!! 9 business days to Canada from the states! Very very impressed!!
Yarn for the turtle afghan I am making for Auntie N.  I found the royal blue and green here in Zeller's. The variegated and light blue had to be ordered!! Love them!!! Can't wait to get going on that!
Red Heart and Soul Yarn.  it is sooo soft! And it is infused with aloe! I am excited to give it a go!!

So that is our excitement.  Was a beautiful day yesterday. Gwyn got out to play on her swing set. I got a package of yarn. We went out to the farm and had supper with that Grandma and grandpa! James loaded up some grain and off it went.

Today.. Gwyn was playing in the pink sheets. She is a little under the weather... Not feeling 100% but not showing a whole lot of signs of sick either. Just maybe a bit worn down.. her temp is up a whole degree.. but keeping my eye on her and she seems to just be taking it easy!

Off and running....


JennyBean said...

Brrrrr! We're down south and it's almost 80 here today. Needless to say, our summers are brutal, and yours are probably very pleasant.

Good luck on your afghan project. Looks like fun!

Miss Em said...

Too funny, Marla loves marshmellows too. For an extra special treat I stick 3 or 4 on a tooth pick and dip them in chocolate. She thinks that is pretty special. I must say it is so nice to get a nice package in the mail one and a while. have fun with your yarn.