Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kicking and screaming!!

Ok, for the potty training.. we made one day.. after that. She isn't so eager to sit on her potty every trip J or I make to the washroom. Which.. I am not sure.. will we have good days and bad or did she just want to sit on her potty more.. and after she can wait now or what.. don't know. Ah well.. tomorrow is a new day. She did get a diaper rash from something... that may have caused it.
As for kicking and screaming! I took Gwyn outside. We walked around the block. All the way around the front way. Stopping to doodle here and there. Then we came home and I got out the stroller. We walked all the way around town.. we walked north out the ally, then west and to the end of the block north up 2 blocks then east back to main street.. then we wandered up the sidewalk toward the Co-Op, then east along railway ave all the way to the entrance of town, then west down the gravel all the way back to Main street and back home.

In our travels we met a rather... unhappy white dog.. barked and followed us for a good half a block. I am afraid that the town office will be hearing about it, unfortunately. I believe you should tie up your dogs if you are not in attendance or the dog is out of sight. Or have the dog fenced so it doesn't scare those of us who are going for a walk on public property.
While Gwyn and I were walking around the block she saw her first helicopter!! She was taken but a little scared by the noise as it flew overhead.

So after all that I brought her inside.. to listen to her cry and carry on, because she wants to go back out. So, dressed her up, took her out.. and she proceeded to fall on her bottom in the cold wet mud puddle... LOL So I brought her in and changed her.. LOL Now she is happily playing about the house.

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