Friday, May 14, 2010

Where does the time go?

Here it is.. in a nutshell....currently the time goes to chasing a toddler. Plain and simple. No time for me, no time for the blog... just chase! It's good though. I like that she is active and not a slouch. She is beautiful and busy. Smart. Adventurous..... daring.... hm mm... makes the chase, interesting to say the least.
She climbed a six foot step ladder the other day. Climbs the slide on her swing set like it was designed for her, not the older kids it was intended for. She climbed up the rocking chair tonight... and right up on the back, knocking it into my chair. Thank goodness I was at the computer checking email at the time because that chair came over on my lap instead of all the way to the floor.. saving her a heck of a thump.


Busy busy busy.. :)

Feeling some happier. WE had a great day today! Went to Wynyard. Had coffee with a good friend. Got rid of a Pony(gaining 4 square feet of floor in the kitchen). Dropped off Ice Tups in Wadena on the way to Wynyard, making more room in the house.... Now just to, list and sell some more stuff to get it the heck out..... What else can I tell you? Not a whole lot I guess.... So I am off and running.. maybe have a shower.. and some sleep b4 morning.. LOL


Anonymous said...

my daughter turned 3 the same month we bought a house with a pool. we had the 5 foot wrought iron fence installed to keep her my horror she scaled it and sat at the top. it shouldn't surprise me since she climbed out of her crib every morning at 5 months... hit the floor and crawled out... and then walked at 9 months... now she is almost 20. still a pita. good luck. :)

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