Thursday, March 11, 2010

Potty Training Begins

Well today we have had a tremendous start to potty training! She has peed in her potty 3 times. She did dribble in her diaper but we were outside and she did make that she wanted to go in.. so maybe.. she was trying? She has been sitting on the potty in the mornings when we get up. It's been a hit and miss with going in the potty.. but I also sometimes am slow to get out of bed.. so it is probably me... The other day she whipped her diaper off and peed on my carpet.. which is why we are potty training now...I think that is a clear signal to start. So, we are now on the potty training!

Anyway... off to do some stuff... and change a pooper dooper diaper.. anyone volunteering? I hope she will poop in the potty soon.. mind you I don't know if I want to clean that up!!! LOL


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