Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Long day in Yorkton....

Well, we had a wonderful. But long, day in Yorkton today. We had some things to pick up. A lot of running always in the city. And it does not matter which one or when... LOL

The last few days have been absolutely beautiful out! Little G and I have spent some good hours outside. We climb through the snow or splash in the puddles. I took her on her toboggan the other day uptown.. that was a mistake.. muddy mittens and muddy jacket followed.. so, Tuesday we got out the stroller!! Much nicer.. not so muddy!!! And yes we got down and tromped around in the puddles and such after the stroller ride! It's hard to bring her in .... she cries.. doesn't want to be inside.... even when she is cold or tired.
Well.. That is about all I have to say right now... I know it isn't much.. but.. OH! We almost have a shed! A big shed! Hooray!! :) Now that is all I have to say! LOL

Talk to you all later!

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