Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The scarf.. is done....

Well, I finished the scarf last night. Yes last night... 2 days of entertainment value... and a pretty scarf to show for it.. Now just to find someone with a coat that goes.. and I'm away... This is the kit for the crochet baby sweater.... I started the back of it.. and have a pretty good start... Just needed a change in position.. so that is why I am here.. telling you about the sweater and the scarf and not there crocheting the sweater!
This was the scarf after one day!

Yup, one day of knitting and I was almost done... although tucking in the ends did take a bit of time.. there were only a few... (enough to make you nuts)

These were the books I picked up to read... Mom said to read The Friday night knitting club book first(so far it's a good story) as the Ann Braashares book was all about tear jerking!!! And like I need to add to the hormonal tear pool now!!! LOL

So, I am thinking the last few days my body has been practicing contractions. Today, I had a couple a little more intense.. Nothing of a regular nature yet though... so no excitement... Soon though I hope... Baby is getting heavy... LOL

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Val said...

I'm so glad to hear you've been able to do some knitting & crochetting! I'm readding the Friday Night Knitting Club too (a friend lent me her copy to chear me up!?) I've been reading like crazy but getting to some sad parts so I've slowed down LOL
Sounds like you've had some "Braxten Hicks" contractions. Alright!