Sunday, November 02, 2008

Pictures, pictures.. and more pictures????

Here are the pics of the receiving blankets I have been working on... These ones are the single layer of flannel that I just roll hemmed on the serger. See how the hem looks so pretty? this is the rolled hem my serger does. Woolly Nylon would have filled the space in the stitches.. but I used normal serger thread, I like how these turned out.These are 2 of the double layer flannel receiving blankets. The pink is the flannel that Daddy couldn't resist... and the blue is the flannel that mommy couldn't resist!
This is the third double layer flannel blanket.
This is a close up of the pink that Daddy couldn't resist.
This is a close up of the blue Mommy couldn't resist.
This is a new shelf in the "babies" room. To put mommy's crafty stuff up. Material and yarn... it faces the one on the other side that I showed you way back when hubby built it for me.
This is why, I think if I am to sew Christmas presents next year.. I should find someone to rent a room from.... I don't think baby's crib/bed will fit in here while mommy's sewing... LOL and there is no room in the rest of the house for this kinda setup either!

So, there are some exciting new photos for you to look at. I took photos of the Christmas sewing I did too.. but I can't show you.... until after Christmas!!!!
Catch you later!

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TricsH said...

Wow look at all the work you have been doing!! Hopefully you are taking it easy now ;) Hugs