Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Bitching and Complaining!! Wait... I had a Great Easter!

Yes, I had a great Easter. With my mom and dad, and my sisters, my nephew and my daughter...my brother in law... LOL and missing my husband. Well, somebody had to stay home and look after the dogs, and the rabbit!! Good grief!!!

The Easter bunny spoiled Gwyn. But, it's good. She only wanted to come home. Missing her daddy. I would have brought her home if I hadn't had something to do in town on Tuesday that couldn't wait or be done at home... oh well.

So.. Easter was the good part. I'm tired of making so many miles to the city, much as I love my family I feel like I do A LOT of driving. I used to enjoy driving a lot more. I still don't mind it.. but find I do a lot of it.

So, bitching and complaining....Well... I took my van for an oil change... in the drive through lane.. that took an hour!!!! An HOUR!!! So, here I am.. with Gwyn(very busy 4 year old, can not sit still) and her Grandma.. waiting for an hour.... sure makes me wonder if I should take it back there.... *shaking head* rather ridiculous if you ask me!!!

Then, when leaving town today... I must say this isn't the first time this has happened.. but it will be the last time I stop there. The north Canadian tire gas bar in Regina... Express lane means - Pay at the pump! Well.. I want a receipt for my gas thank you! but, again.. pulling in.. in the city.. with myself and Gwyn(4 years old, must move, not asleep yet). NO RECEIPT PAPER!!!!! AGAIN!!!! Must say.... feel like never ever buying gas there again. I stopped in that lane to not have to go in to pay as I did not want to unbuckle and haul in the wild tired.. even more need to move to stay awake 4 year old!!! Livid. Stupid little things.

Oh well, I think spring might actually be here. The highways were dry. Gwyn slept 99% of the way home(3hr drive). Was pretty fabulous... So, they did not manage to steal my sunshine!


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