Sunday, April 21, 2013


Buns, James did most of the making of these.(2 weeks ago)
My first ever loaves of bread :) (2 weeks ago, same day as buns above)
Whole wheat buns (1 week ago, also made white loaves again)
Brown rice Krispie, Rice Krispie squares... mmmmm Took to school to celebrate Gwyn's not fighting to get ready to go!
Nova Scotia Oatmeal Rolls made in loaves.. mmmm good!!(Yesterday)
Cinnamon Scuffles - Not as good at my MIL's and will never be THAT good.. but not too bad :) (today)
Well, between the weather and the overwhelming feeling that you need to do more.. .LOL James and I tried making our own buns. YUM! So I made loaves. YUM! then the next week I tried Whole Wheat buns! YUM! and more white loaves because we ate all the previous loaves between sharing and such. Then yesterday I tried the oatmeal loaves.. YUM! and the cinnamon scuffles. :) I have been enjoying baking but what else do you do when there is 4ft snowbanks around yet at almost the end of April??? Where is spring hiding this year? Aw well.. Gwyn and I made the scuffles up this morning and baked them.. now we are going to do some cookies and a hand print hanging hopefully :)

In other news.. our puppies now have a fence....
There is a gate on the pen. It was just plywood screwed up there at the point this pic was taken. I really like how it has turned out. I will admit I was a little concerned at how it might look... but I like it.
 Gwyn had to get in and help daddy! She can be a great helper! (as long as her ears are working, and she hasn't left them in the other room!)

While helping daddy, Gwyn drew a mailbox... I think she did very well!!

And that is about all I have to share at the moment. We have a very busy week coming up.. Monday is the last gymnastics class of the winter session, Tuesday is show and tell and Grandma is hopefully traveling out. Weds is the Spring concert at school. Thursday & Friday are fairly quiet. A birthday on Saturday and Gymnastics season Finale on Sunday! Monday we start spring session Gymnastics! Yay! Busy but all good!


Susan said...

I'm drooling. I haven't made bread in a long time but now I want to. Those shiny crusts must be from a beaten egg wash, am I right?

Yarn Devil said...

Actually Susan the shiny crust is just from brushing with margarine. Keeps the crust soft.

Emily said...

YUM YUM tummy is growling