Friday, March 22, 2013

Spill it....

Life feels like it has spilled. Spilled all over the floor and we are running about with our hands trying to contain enough of it to keep going. What the hell is going on  you ask? Well. A LOT! I don't know if there is enough room in blogger to put it all in... mind you.. I better step the hell back and start from December some time? I seem to remember telling you I might have something exciting to tell you. Well. I did. But, It didn't last. Slipped through our fingers like milk running across the table. Anyways, I shall go back there an tell you all about it now. As one can't tell half of something. Especially when I know... there is at least one reader out there who gives a sh*t. And yes, I give a sh*t bout what goes on, over on her side too.

So, back to 2012... our happy, scraping through year... Well, right at the end, I suspected that we may have been successful in our attempts to bring Gwyn a sibling. And so.. we waited and waited and waited.. then we ran out Christmas eve for something and picked up a test. So, Yay!! Happy super stupendious Christmas morning cheer when the test was positive. Yes, at the end of 2012 we were expecting a new baby.. and about James birthday, end of August. Sadly though, this did not last. Nearing the end of January, I miscarried. 2 months in. Pick up and wait to try again.... But, in the midst of this.. I am O negative blood, RH negative. Now only another mother who is RH negative understands what this means. I need to go get shots to keep the baby's blood from infecting my blood with antibodies. So.. Go to emergency.. wait... test blood... wait... refuse shot. You have something weird where baby makes it's own protection for you, go home. Go home. Get called back, you don't have antibodies got to get the shot.. go to emergency.. wait... wait... wait...  I gave 10 vials of blood in 2 days.. then they took like 4 or 6 when I went back to get the shot, so they could send them off to a bigger lab to be examined.. but at least I got the damn shot this time. Found out it was a good thing they gave the shot. Because they found something in the blood mimic ing antibodies... so.. anyways got the shot.. came home... back to the city for ultrasound to make sure all is cleared out... all good.. find bladder infection.. go back to the city treated.. find other small issue.. go back get treated... I need to go back in the summer and make another blood donation for the research of the other lab. Good GAWD!!! For those of you who don't know. I live 260 kms from the city. 2.5 to 3 hours of driving.. one way!!

So trying very hard to stay positive. Sometimes failing miserably. But trying.

The farm... well.. we been farming since we were married and we haven't had a good year yet... that should say it all.. so.. please put that in your prayers for all the farmers who haven't had a good year in the last 8 years to have a good one.... So, add that stress on the pile.

Gwyn, is my ray of sunshine! She is growing in leaps and bounds... every time I turn around she amazes me with something else she can do! Tonight.. she got ready for bed and picked her stories without even having been asked... Amazing!!! Aside from the driving wearing me out.. she is doing fabulous. 3 days I drive her to school 1/2hr and come home, she comes home on the bus. One afternoon I stay in town and we go to gymnastics 10 min from that town, 40 min home. And One morning we go the other way for speech. 40 min there, then hour back to the other town for school.

I am plum worn out of driving if you add the me to the city, and the Gwyn to school. I think because this is the winter that will never end... the storms and nastiness I have driven in this year... good grief!!!

We have a gal that comes works with Gwyn at home once every 2 weeks. So one morning for an hour before we take off for school she comes to work with Gwyn on her speech and such. Which is great!

So in the midst of this, I thought we would get Gwyn a rabbit. For structure. Well we did.. if you read the post below you have seen Thump. He is beautiful. He needs more time running about the kitchen which we are working on.. but he is a nice little bunny.

The puppy(s), well.. James and I were working one tidying the house up for the arrival of the new baby.... because once seeding started that was it.. well after losing baby, I figured might as well still sort it out and put it away and de-clutter. So, we were working in the shed. One afternoon James comes running in the house.. "Call the town office! We have a skunk under the shed!!I heard babies crying!" Some Skunk! Anyways.. they came out and put a trap out.. in the morning it still wasn't sprung. So... closer inspection.. there is no white on that.... It turns out this stray dog crawled under and had pups. So, stray dog, 2 pups. They are in the shed now. Just over 3 weeks old now. So, we have dogs. Not sure how the dog story shall turn out yet but miss Gwyn is very excited about puppies so.. we will see..

So, I think that should catch you up to date. I've spilled it all. So, this mom on the run.. is off to bed.


Susan said...

I am so sorry for your loss.

Miss Em said...

Seriously! My dear my heart goes out to you. You know I feel your pain very deeply. Extra prayers for you my sister. No advice from me, life just sucks sometimes. So glad Gweny is thriving. Those little girls crack us up that is for sure. Thanks for sharing...finally. =)